Working at EMG

Over the last four years EMG Education has been working closely with the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education & Training to produce an integrated curriculum that combines the British “Key Stage” curriculum with its Vietnamese equivalent.  The Integrated Key Stage curriculum takes into account the sequencing and content of both the Vietnamese curriculum and Key Stage curriculum.

This unification has resulted in a more complete and well-rounded learning experience as well as a reduced workload for the students. Students’ educational development is monitored with progress tests throughout the program. 

At the end of primary and lower secondary students studying the Integrated Key Stage programme will sit internationally assessed and recognised examinations through Pearson Edexcel who are the UK’s largest awarding body of academic qualifications.

Recruitment is ongoing for current vacancies or vacancies that may appear in the future.  Our new school year starts in August so we recruit the majority of our teachers in the months beforehand.  

Here are the requirements, responsibilities and benefits of a teaching position at EMG Education:

If you would like to send us your application, please follow the instructions below:

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