ACT Test Prep

EMG Education has exclusive rights to distribute ACT’s premium test prep resources to students, schools and organizations in Vietnam.

Study with ACT Online Prep

  • Get ready – It’s a great way to prepare for the ACT, especially since it’s built by the test makers themselves.
  • Get comfortable – The practice questions and tests are taken from previous ACT tests, which helps you get used to the format and avoid surprises on test day.
  • Get confide – As you see your scores and percentages change with each course and practice session you complete, you’ll know you’re getting the hang of it.
  • Go mobile – A free mobile app comes with your purchase of ACT Online Prep for on-the-go reviewing!

A subscription runs for six months from the date of purchase.

  • The Official ACT Prep Guide

    • Familiarize yourself with the test instructions, format and subject areas.
    • Review and answer actual ACT test questions from four full-length tests, with explanations for all correct and incorrect answer choices and insight into how the test is scored.
    • Gauge your strengths and weaknesses within the test subjects and identify areas for improvement.
    • Prepare for test day with recommended strategies and test-taking tips.

    In addition, you’ll have access to hundreds of bonus practice questions online, available to you through a unique PIN with purchase of the guide.

  • Practice with official ACT Sample Tests

    • Includes all four mandatory sections of the ACT test.
    • Prepare for the test with real questions from past ACT papers.
    • Understand how well you perform in each test subject.

Help your students succeed with the PreACT

  • Early practice for the ACT test with flexible test administration dates – test on your schedule.
  • PreACT score and predicted ACT score ranges align to the ACT 1 – 36 scale.
  • Students may opt to share their information with colleges and scholarship agencies.
  • ACT Interest Inventory results provide students with a personalized view of interests with college and career alignment.
  • Valuable results provide actionable insights to help educators, parents and students make important decisions for the future.
  • Rapid reporting turnaround within 2-4 weeks of receipt of answer documents allows for early and effective planning to ensure students can attain the future and career success they envision.

If you are a school / language center / organization interested in offering the PreACT for your students, please contact us:

(024) 3944 6664
(028) 3825 8612
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