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What is ACT Online Prep ?

ACT ONLINE PREP (AOP) is an online resource with personalized learning paths offers students an estimated 120 hours of activities to help them prepare take the ACT, including access to long and short form practice tests, flashcards for content review, and lesson on the knowledge and skills tested by the ACT. .

Structure of ACT ONLINE PREP

ACT Online Prep provides you a twelve-month learning plan (the price is 1.050.000 VND if you buy directly from EMG Education), including:

  • A short-form ACT test to get started
  • A personalized learning path
  • Tools to track your progress
  • Daily goals to help you stay on target
  • Flashcards customized for your review needs
  • A game center to further test your knowledge
  • Full-length practice tests to simulate the actual exam
  • A free mobile app

Advantages of ACT Online Prep

Get personalized

AOP provides a personalized learning path based on your own strength and weekness, which are determined by your performance on practice questions.

Get comfortable

The practice questions and tests are taken from previous ACT tests, which helps you get used to the format and avoid surprises on test day.

Get confident

As you see your scores and percentages change with each course and practice session you complete, you’ll know you’re getting the hang of it.

Go mobile

A free mobile app comes with your purchase of ACT Online Prep for on-the-go reviewing!

ACT ONLINE PREP course display

  1. Learning Plan

    Including: – Instruction to use the course – Generals of ACT Test – Topics of learning (English, Math, Reading, Science, Writing)

  2. Game center

    Card games that help candidate cement their knowledge about ACT Test, English, Math, Reading, Science, Writing, including Card Picker, Card Hunter I, Card Hunter II, Card Sweeper, Card Coupler.

  3. Discussion

    Includes public discussion between candidates and private discussions between candidate and instructor

  4. Lessons

    AOP’s main content, including practice questions for all subjects: English, Maths, Science and Writing.
    • Lessons of topics:
    – English (Overview, General approaches, Conventions of Standard English, Knowledge of Language, Production of Writing)
    – Mathematics (Overview, General approaches, Number and Quantity, Algebra, Geometry, Functions, Statistics and Probability)
    – Reading (Overview, General approaches, Key ideas and details, Craft and structure, Integration of knowledge and ideas)
    – Science (Overview, General approaches, Interpretation of data, Scientific investigation, Evaluation of models, inferences and experimental results)
    – Writing (Overview, Ideals and analysis, Development and Support, Organization, Language use and convention

  5. Flashcard

    Including topical flashcard packs (ACT Test, English, Math, Reading, Science, Writing) of the individual learner as well as community’s.

  6. Practice

    Assess candidate’s progress section by section, number of questions answered in total of 2447, number of correct/incorrect answers, confidence level.

  7. Tests

    Include two complete tests to assess candidate’s readiness

  8. Essays

    Two essay prompts, students can submit their writing to be evaluated and graded by scoring experts based on the Scoring Rubric within 24 hours.

  9. Search

    Search using keywords and filters

  10. Notification

    Update new feature after finishing mission

  11. Dashboard

    Your Course Dashboard will continuously update as you study and complete practice tests with important information, including your percentile rank among other students, score predictions, and overall course progress.

Instruction for registering

Step 1:

Step 2:

Fill your information in the registration form.

Step 3:

Visit onlineprep.act.org to use the course
(Length of subsciption: 06 months if buying directly from ACT,Inc. Or 12 months when registering at EMG Education)

System Requirements

Internet connection*
Ability to run modern browsers
*After initial course download, user can turn internet off and still use the program (but progress will not sync until internet access is back)

Web Browser Requirements (Windows & Mac)
Internet Explorer 10+

Mobile Requirements (for native apps only)
iOS 8.4, 9+, or 10+
Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Android 4.4 or later (up to and including 7)
Compatible with Android phones and tablets

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